Vancouver Island photographer, Mariah Burchell works tirelessly to bring visions to life, capturing beautiful memories that her clients can cherish for a lifetime. Her photography journey began at thirteen years old with her first DSLR camera and days spent exploring hidden coves throughout her backyard and planning photoshoots with her friends for the chance of capturing something magnificent. Years later, while searching for a creative outlet amidst work and study, Mariah found herself drawn once again behind the lens. As interest in her services began to pique, she began pursuing lifestyle photography as more than just a creative hobby.

Mariah works to customize every shoot to each client’s individual vision. This includes scouting out locations, planning poses, and collaborating on her clients wishes to ensure that each image comes to life exactly as they hoped. Mariah understands the importance of connecting with her clients, believing building the relationship between photographer and client will lead to the best possible photos for their current special moment, and every moment yet to come. 

For Mariah, photography has become a connection to the world around us, in giving her the opportunity to explore the majesty of Vancouver Island and simultaneously allowing her to network and meet with wonderful people to document their special moments. It is within these connections that Mariah finds her passion, finding that in fostering relationships with her clients, gaining the trust and collaboration that is the key in creating something special that will last a lifetime. 

love from my clients


“Mariah made me feel confident, comfortable, and empowered. She really knows her angles and guided me through which poses felt natural and would look nice in photos. Mariah chose a fantastic location and was able to see potential in so many different areas of the site. She was dynamic and collaborative, and in the end, I was gifted with a great diverse collection. I can’t say enough great things about Mariah. She is a skilled artist as well as a lovely person to spend an hour of your time with.”

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